Aug 27, 2009

Certa Legal Compliance and KYCnet partner to bring Fast, Smart and Cost Effective Customer Due Diligence to market

Certa Legal Compliance and KYCnet partner to bring Fast, Smart and Cost Effective Customer Due Diligence to market

27 August 2009

Certa Legal Compliance and KYCnet have teamed-up to bring CertaKYC, an innovative, on-demand, KYC-as-a-Service offering to the Dutch market.

Know-Your-Customer activities are regulatory required and are vitally important in the fight against Money-Laundering, Terrorist-Financing, and reputational risks.

"KYC is usually done in-house, based on self-designed processes and managed at varying levels of efficiency," says Richard Bakkers, Director of Certa Legal Compliance. "Furthermore, these activities are often under-resourced, performed by expensive internal staff and supported by basic, but costly, self-built or bought-in IT systems. Together with KYCnet, we see an opportunity for a new approach."

CertaKYC is based on a unique mix of Certa Legal Compliance people and KYCnet processes and technology and is designed to deal with the complexities of KYC, in a fast, consistent, transparent and cost-effective way.

"As a relatively new entrant in this field we have been able to leapfrog earlier services and systems approaches," says Patrick Ryan, President of KYCnet. "Our flexible processes and web-based technology platform is unique configured to provide a true on-demand service. Adding the Certa Legal Compliance people to the mix makes for an incredible solution".

CertaKYC has been designed to meet the varying national and international needs of corporate, private and investment banks as well as trust, accounting and legal services organisations.

About Certa Legal Compliance B.V.
Certa Legal Compliance targets companies and institutions that are subject to regulated monitoring within various markets. The firm links practical know-how to sound legal knowledge of the various regulatory laws and have an unparalleled insight into how regulators think.

Certa Legal Compliance is part of Certa Legal Group. Certa Legal Group is the first full-service legal service provider in the Netherlands. As a pioneer in its field Certa Legal Group gives meaning to the concept of full-service legal partner: advocacy, counseling, interim project lawyers, legal project management, legal service contracts, tax advice and credit management services.

About KYCnet B.V.

KYCnet is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam that provides Know-Your-Customer services and solutions. The firm's KYC-serviced clients rely on centralized analyst teams to quickly, completely and very cost-effectively satisfy their customer compliance needs while the firm's Software-as-a-Service clients use the KYCnet cloud-based technology and industry best-practice processes to perform their own customer compliance analysis.

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