Sep 4, 2009

KYC for Wealth and Investment Management

IMPortal - featuring KYC-for-Salesforce

Mapbit has partnered with
KYCnet to launch the next generation solution for Wealth and Investment Management Professionals.

IMPortal has an extended Salesforce for Wealth Management with a full range of Investment Management functionalities, real- time up- to-date fund research information from Malipayon and complete, auditable web-base KYC and AML services from KYCnet.

IMPortal manages:
  • Client Relationships (Activities & Events, Positions, Preferences, Rules)
  • Investment Profiles and Strategies (Asset Allocations, Model Portfolios, Recommendation Lists)
  • KYC Analysis & AML compliance (via KYC-for-Salesforce)
  • Collaborate on strategy and investment fund research.

For more information, see here.