Jan 7, 2010

KYCnet launches Sharia-KYC, the world's first Islamic Banking Know-Your-Customer solution

Sharia-KYC has been designed to help the Islamic Financial Services industries in ensuring Sharia (Islamic law) compliance with regard to their customers' (and relations') businesses, goods and / or services.

Sharia-KYC can be requested as a stand-alone requirement or as an extension to KYCnet's standard KYC offerings - clients can either request Sharia-KYC services or choose to implement the Sharia-KYC toolset as a "self-service" (Software-as-a-Service) solution.

Sharia-KYC is configured to automatically flag Haraam (forbidden) business activities based on particular Food and Beverage Related products as well as Gambling, Pornography and various other non-compliant activities.

Sharia-KYC also allows for the speedy and consistent identification and flagging of businesses based mainly on Interest (Riba - usury) and those based on various other, possibly non-compliant, financial activities such as Commercial Insurance, Day Trading, Margin Trading and derivatives such as Options, Futures and Shorting.

Sharia-KYC can also be used to analyse and record Solvency Requirements such as Debt / Equity and Account Receivables / Total Assets ratios and Non-Operating-Income Interest thresholds.