May 19, 2010

Centrifuge for KYC-Orchestra - a new standard in KYC investigation and reporting

Centrifuge for KYC-Orchestra delivers a groundbreaking approach to interactive data visualization.
KYC-Orchestra standard reporting (risk, project, time and task dashboards, custom reporting and download) is now further extended by a suite of secure, leading-edge data-visualization tools.

While many business intelligence (BI) products still employ older data analysis techniques built around batch ETL processes and static reporting, KYCnet has partnered with Centrifuge Systems, Inc. to seamlessly provide a real-time and intuitive ad-hoc data-visualization and investigation workbench.
Browser-based and real time, drill-down charts, maps, relationship diagrams, geospatial mash-ups...
All of this in a 100% web browser-based product securely hosted within the KYCnet private cloud.
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