Aug 11, 2010

NEW - KEESING Identity Document Verification for KYC-Orchestra

KEESING Identity Document Verification... for KYC-Orchestra

KEESING for KYC-Orchestra adds enhanced identity document verification to the KYCnet tools and services offerings.
KYC-Orchestra can now Auto-check Machine Readable Zones for name, date-of-birth and nationality, verify security algorithims, assess valid fonts etc.
KYC analysts performing manual Dual-Control and identity verification can now also access the world's leading library of identity document images - thousands of documents from hundreds of issuing authorities, streaching back over decades.
A new standard in KYC identity verification!

Keesing Reference Systems
Since 1923, Keesing Reference Systems has been a specialist provider of verification tools and solutions that allow international organisations to authenticate ID documents and banknotes. Its product range covers a variety of inspection and verification tools, reference manuals, and reference databases.