Aug 13, 2011

KYCnet Dublin - a new nearshore RightSourcing opportunity

KYCnet is pleased to announce the set-up of a near-shore operation in Dublin, Ireland.

Over the past years we have seen a growing need for more convenient, closer managed and cost effective but still EU-based KYC and CDD operations support. To meet this need, KYC has decided to augment our successful Amsterdam and Chennai operation with a near-shore centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Less than two hours flight time from all of Europe’s financial centres, Dublin offers KYCnet and our clients a young, highly-skilled, multilingual and enthusiastic workforce strongly backed by official agencies with a history of nearshore services innovation.

KYCnet’s clients can now pick and choose from our services and locations to meet their own very specific management, process, regional and regulatory requirements.

KYCnet’s co-founder, Patrick Ryan, who was raised and started his career with KPMG in Dublin, is leading our Dublin efforts. He can be contacted at