Jun 4, 2012

Infosys teams-up with KYCnet

The KYCnet / Infosys Solution for KYC Remediation

Infosys has invested in a Compliance Center of Excellence (CCoE) to drive excellence in client engagements. Its
CCoE has full service capabilities in operations across clients for KYC and AML Transaction Monitoring and Watch
List Management.
In a strategic partnership with KYCnet, Infosys leverages its CCoE to provide KYC services, both ongoing and
remediation. Clients can now leverage industry best practices to meet their regulatory and business risk
management requirements. In collaboration with KYCnet, the following services are offered to clients:

KYCnet's KYC services benefits

• Leveraging industry best practices to meet KYC requirements
• Facilitating clients to leverage alternative talent pools
• Rendering consistent process, people and technology for performing both ongoing and remediation services,
a critical requirement for satisfying regulatory audits
• Offering cost advantages by leveraging a global delivery model
For more infomation, please contact infosys@kycnet.com