Apr 5, 2013

KYCnet at the HES Career Day

Careers in Compliance

by Alex van Ommen

On Wednesday, the 3rd of April, KYCnet participated in the HES Career Day at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The event provided students the opportunity to come into contact with a wide range of companies, big and small. Interests ranged from business sectors to opportunities for internships and jobs.

The KYCnet stand was set up and ready to go as the first students began to trickle in. Nestled between a large airline and a small fashion house, company representatives Alex van Ommen and Abdelaziz Elasmar welcomed and spoke to scores of students throughout the day. Abdelaziz, formerly an intern who grew into an employee, and Alex, in service since 2011, caught students' attention with stories of money launderers, drugs dealers and terrorists as related to the exciting world of compliance.

In addition to the activities on the Career Day main floor, KYCnet also ran two workshops as a part of the general program. Both of the workshops were well-attended and Alex provided a nice introduction to compliance as a very necessary part of the world of international finance and specifics on the importance and impact of past, present, and developing AML/CTF regulations.

KYCnet’s co-founder, Patrick Ryan, was also present for one of the workshops, fielding questions and engaging attendees, giving them the opportunity to get a real sense of who KYCnet is and how it works.

For most of the students, this was their first experience learning about things like sanctions and compliance regimes. The interest drummed up was clear in the reactions by the students.

Those who stayed after for further Q&A were not just interested in internships and employment opportunities, but also the nature of compliance and its relationship to international business.