Apr 30, 2014

KYCnet strengthens its Sales & Marketing team

KYCnet strengthens its Sales & Marketing team

30 April 2014
Cristina Solar García has joined the KYCnet Sales and Marketing Team as of April 2014. 
Cristina graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the Complutense University of Madrid and has worked in the marketing and events industry in Dublin and Amsterdam. In her new role in KYCnet, Cristina will liaise with potential and existing clients and provide key support for the rest of the team. She will also drive KYCnet’s social media presence; is responsible for pushing out KYCnet's new website style into promotional materials, presentations and brochures; and organize KYCnet fair and event participation. Cristina reports to KYCnet’s CEO Patrick Ryan.

KYCnet is the world's first KYC-as-a-service company. Since 2008, KYCnet has been providing complete KYC due diligence analysis services and systems to serve the business needs of the world's AML-regulated financial institutions. Its unique combination of finance industry best practices, optimized workflows and flexible staffing is designed to satisfy client needs in a fast, smart and very cost-effective way.

For more information, contact KYCnet on +31 8400 36600 or email: info@kycnet.com