Jul 9, 2014

KYCnet launches its KYC Assessment and Benchmarking Service

KYCnet's KYC Assessment and Benchmarking Service helps its clients to 1) identify the absolute maturity level of their KYC Service Desk; and 2) compare their relative performance to KYCnet from an execution point of view - all the while completing work for them that needs to be done in any case.

Benchmarking against the KYC Maturity Model is essentially aimed at understanding where improvements are needed and how best practices observed elsewhere can be transferred and implemented. The data obtained in this process can be used to make well-founded decisions on process improvements and future investments.

KYCnet challenges its clients to carve out a chunk of their work and see for themselves what KYCnet can do for them. Worst case scenario? They get the work done cost-effectively and have a benchmark showing how great things are already.

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