Jul 1, 2014

KYCnet's Onboarding MVP is live for FinTech innovators and start-ups!

Onboarding MVP launches with the Nederlandsche Betaal & Wissel Maatschappij

30th June 2014

KYCnet has launched a new compliance product for the FinTech marketplace.

Technology and the Internet are transforming the financial services industry.

The Onboarding MVP is designed to provide FinTech innovators and start-ups with a low-cost but complete compliance pathway from initial customer registration and verification to ownership and UBO verification to screening and periodic review.
The Onboarding MVP is built upon KYCnet observed best-practices and takes a risk based approach to share a range of CCD analysis that may be appropriate depending on a client’s business, stage, location and types of customers.
One of the first Onboarding MVP clients is the Nederlandsche Betaal & Wissel Maatschappij. NBWM's single mission is to improve the Dutch business landscape by providing companies the best currency conversion and international payment service in the world.
Peter Comstock, CEO and Founder of the Nederlandsche Betaal & Wissel Maatschappij says he is "thrilled to discover KYCnet in our own Amsterdamse backyard. They have a start-up mentality and get our speed to market requirements. The new Onboarding MVP product is a great combination of powerful KYC technology with a start-up services gearing; their mix of the right people, processes and technology meets our growing requirements perfectly".
"NBWM is a true innovative disrupted in the Dutch market" says Patrick Ryan, CEO and Co-founder of KYCnet. "Like us, while committed to meeting and surpassing their regulatory requirements, they are also servicing their customers in a more modern, more technically advanced and and more cost-effective manner.  We are very pleased to be a key part of the NBWM success story".

KYCnet is the world's first KYC-as-a-service company. Since 2008, KYCnet has been providing complete KYC due diligence analysis services and systems products to serve the business needs of the world's AML-regulated financial institutions. Its unique combination of right sourced people, best-practice processes and advanced technologies is designed to satisfy client needs in a fast, smart and very cost-effective way.

For more information, contact KYCnet on +31 8400 36600 or email: info@kycnet.com