Aug 29, 2014

KYCvision - a Smart solution for People

KYCnet is pleased to announce KYCvision, the world's most advanced solution for the onboarding and verification of natural persons. 

KYCvision is a combined web, smartphone, hardware and services solution designed to bring speed, certainty and cost-savings to identity and address verification and is particularly suitable for the growing non-face-to-face onboarding needs of a vast range of companies. 

This unique solution combines secure and easy browser-based onboarding web-forms with proprietary smartphone and patent-pending hardware technology to facilitate the fast and secure verification of natural person identity documents and physical address locations.

Users are invited to download a free smartphone app or attach a provided USB dongle to their PC to allow facial image capture and the optical and electronic scanning of  passports, ID documents and utility bills.

KYCnet uses the smartphone or dongle NFC (Near Field Communication) and GPS (geo-location) technologies to read and verify the passport / ID docs RFID chip information and capture the physical location coordinates of the onboarding action. KYCvision also uses facial recognition software to match the facial image with the ID document and RFID photos. 

For more information, please contact KYCnet on +31 8400 36600 or email at